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Cecilia Nappo

Cecilia Nappo, born in 1980, is a tour de force in the world of music and beyond. Known for her command of the bass guitar and her role as the bassist for the progressive rock band Goblin, she is also the founder of the hard rock band, Black Mamba. Cecilia's musical journey began in Italy, where her talent and dedication led her to craft a distinct and versatile style, drawing from genres such as rock, metal, jazz, and blues.

Beyond her stage presence, Cecilia is recognized for her bold red Rickenbacker and her unique ability to breathe life into basslines, creating a depth and texture that defines her music. Alongside her musical ventures, she skillfully manages her fan club page as an entrepreneur, exploring the boundaries of body art and championing freedom of expression in all its forms.

Cecilia’s passion extends beyond music, as she is also a competitive player in Magic the Gathering Arena, showcasing her strategic mind and love for gaming. Moreover, her commitment to sharing her knowledge is evident in the bass instructional videos she creates, aimed at inspiring and guiding budding bassists.

Away from the limelight, Cecilia leads a fulfilling personal life, married to her drummer Federico Maragoni. Together, they form a powerful rhythm section both on and off the stage, proving that music and love often intertwine.

A hard rock model, a lover of horror art, and a beacon of the rock and roll lifestyle, Cecilia continuously finds innovative ways to intersect her varied interests and express her vibrant personality.

Despite her vast achievements, she remains humble, genuine, and unyieldingly dedicated to her craft.

Cecilia Nappo, with her contagious passion and multifaceted talent, embodies the essence of an inspiring musician and a creative force, raising the flag for freedom of expression and demonstrating the limitless possibilities that come with pursuing one's passion.

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